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Please send in your observations and help build up a detailed knowledge of what lives where in this area so that we can: -
Conserve particularly interesting sites
Monitor changes in numbers and distribution of species.
Add to National recording schemes (your flower/earwig may provide a new dot on a national map).
Please try to include: - recorder`s name, species, grid reference with place name and date.
The A4 NLWG recording sheet is specially designed for this purpose.  Copies from Mike Moon.
Remember that any observation may be valuable, not just the rare and unusual.

Recorders 2018

Flowering Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Martin Sherlock 01524 66131
Ferns, Horsetails
Trevor Piearce 01524 67500
Cis Brook 01524 752280
Beetles, Woodlice, Millipedes, Centipedes, Flies etc
Steve Garland 01524 730812
Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish
Linda Renshaw 01524 733036
Belinda Garland 01524 730812
Laura Sivell 0152469248
Birds, Moths
Peter Marsh 07532433043
Michael Foley 01254 248083
Shield Bugs
Anne Smith 01253 884378
Rob Zloch 07767797797
Chris Workman 01524 67326